starbright-cast-announcementStarbright is a full-length play written by Sean David Robinson.

His first completed full-length play, Starbright was selected by the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival in New York to be performed Off-Broadway in 2018. It was also shortlisted as a semi-finalist for the inaugural New Works Festival at the Garry Marshal Theatre (formerly known as the Falcon Theatre) in Burbank, CA.

Starbright is the story Grace, an astronomer and grieving mother who lost her young daughter Abby nearly a year before the start of the play. As Grace’s life spins out of control, Abby appears to her and begins making predictions about the movements of the cosmos. Grace must determine if her daughter’s appearance is a sign of her dwindling sanity, or proof that there’s more to the universe than even she understands.

Read an excerpt of Starbright here.